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EASA66-largeIn general, a person who is a holder of a valid and current EASA Part 66 License is privileged to work on aircraft and under his CRS entitlements can certify the work and the aircraft as “fit for the flight”.

Part 66 License is divided into three main groups:

A Categories – usually held by assisting maintenance personnel
B Categories – usually held by maintenance personnel who are assigned the duties of certifying the work done and the aircraft

NOTE: IKAROS specializes in Categories A1, A2, A3, A4, B1.1, B1.2, B1.3, B1.4 and B2

For an individual to gain a License, he must:
– Have completed with a PART 147 his Modules and thus have the certificates for the Category that he is applying for
– Have the appropriate working experience, which is:
1. TWO Years if he has successfully completed a Part 147
2. THREE Years if he has graduated a Technical College that it is recognized by the Competent Authority that he is applying to
3. FIVE years if he has no educational background as the above
4. ONE year in Civil Aircraft Environment, for personnel that have work in military or police aviation for more than four years

Holders of Modular Certificates by any Part 147 Organization can apply to any Competent Authority for the License.


Modularization Per Category

Regulation Part 66 and its associated AMCs and GMs must always be consulted for currency and details to the above.