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For a person to be able to work and sign an aircraft as “Serviceable to Fly”, he needs to be a holder of an EASA Part 66 License, have a Type Rating Endorsement and a Company Approval to issue CRS.

IKAROS offers three different options to candidates who wish to qualify for their PART 66 License, in the Categories:

Option 1

2.7 years Full Time Training leading to Part 147 certificate and Modular Certificates for Categories B1.1 and B2.

This course is designed for High School or Technical School graduates and assumes no, or very little, experience in the aircraft maintenance environment.

Option 2

Modular Tuition and Exams leading to Modular Certificates for B1.1, B1.2, B1.3, B1.4 and B2. The duration varies from 2 months to six months, depending on the candidates availability.

This course is designed for personnel that already have several years of aircraft maintenance environment experience or even a non EASA aircraft maintenance license.

Option 3

Modular Exams in all of the above mentioned Categories.

This option is normally taken by personnel with many years of experience, relevant educational background, non EASA license, etc.